Dilated Perception by Li'la Gee. High on fashion.

I love talking (such a weird thing to admit to liking) I like sitting down with people and talking about things. Really, nothing is off topic. So I sat down with some of my favorite designers from Lasell College. My runway, I present to you Li'la Gee- you might want to remember this name. Li'la is America’s sweetheart until you see her designs.  Her senior collection was inspired by psychedelia art. Basically what people say they see when they are tripping. When I learnt about her inspiration my reaction was "OH!!" Hold on, this gets better...

The neon colors and prints in the collection all represent some of the reported effects people experience when taking psychedelic substances, which also contributes to psychedelic art.  

Li'la is not afraid to express emotions through her designs and that is why Jeremy Scott is one of her favorite inspirations. They are those designs that make sense when you see them. When you look at the suit above, you can understand why the print is of a running man.Oh....

Hold on....................................who do we have here? 

When asked what her favorite garment from her line was, this is what she said.. Honestly, I don't make anything unless it has potential of being a favorite of mines. It's hard to choose a favorite from the Dilated Perception collection because it is my first collection produced and I love the concept behind every piece, together the collection takes you on a "trip". 

"The face is the first part of the body that is seen when you formally meet someone and I think your outfit is the second. To make a good impression I believe you have to make a statement and clothing is the perfect opportunity to do so; I like to make clothes so that is possible for all"

I like to make clothes so that is possible for all. It is always refreshing to see people passionate about fashion. I thank you for letting me walk on your runway, thank you for walking on my runway. May Jeremy Scott be with you! 

Photos by Will Dempsey 


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