Hayden Fridays: Hayden Williams. My Runway's favorite Fashion Illustrator

Today, I am starting “Hayden Fridays” because I am beyond obsessed with the amazing talents of fashion illustrator Hayden Williams. I wish I could the things he does. He is so good at it that he makes it look so easy. I think his talent is beautiful and because of Hayden Fridays, I will be able to share with you the illustrations of the week. This should be fun and easy since his website is the first thing I go to after I read my emails to see his new work. Something fascinating about the positions he draws his girls in that makes the girl very confident. Hayden Williams illustrates for the it girls. He is such an inspiration that I would look at his work all day. If you don’t believe me, check out his work HERE. He will blow your mind with his designs. But first, check out his work from this week and his Gatsby illustrations that he keeps adding on. We are waiting for the next sketch on my runway but while we wait, we are going to be at Lasell College’s fashion weekend.  Happy Hayden Fridays.


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