Lasell College Fashion Weekend: Lets go to the beach.

Forget the finals, the Undergrad class was ready to go to the beach with their swimsuit designs. The designs were simple yet chic and for every woman in all shapes and sizes. Now that I am sitting here figuring out when I will have my tea, it would not be a bad idea if they made some swim trunks for guys. This is not an attempt to get shirtless guys on the runway – although that doesn't sound bad either. The Lasell College Fashion Design students do amazing things with men’s fashion as I will show you later on My Runway. But for now, enjoy the design and I will be right back to tell you why I am not mad I missed the Kentucky Derby. But first, I need to have my tea. Laters!

 I like this one a lot. It is almost like a Marilyn Monroe meets Madonna swimsuit.

Photos taken by Will Dempsey


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