Lasell College Fashion Weekend makes us fall in love with fashion.

This is my favorite time of the year, minus the too much work because of the finals, I do enjoy College Fashion month or week. We will call it month. After going through the fashion shows for college around Boston, Lasell College by far has the most amazing designs (and that is not me being biased). I think the one think that they have which I consider to be the most important thing is the love they have for fashion. 

Designed by Martha Powell

Lasell College’s fashion design students are a group of people driven by fashion (just like some of us) and they run around with their garments on no sleep. To them and to me, fashion is more than just pretty clothes and putting on a fierce walk for the runway. I speak for myself when I say that fashion is my life. In some sort of way, fashion could be my prince charming so if I get my glass slippers  without prince charming, I will survive. But Prince Charming is more than welcome to come along too. I cannot get the names of who designed what because they are too many designs but when I do, you will be the first ones to know. 

 Anyways, back to Lasell’s fashion weekend. When you see the designs on the runway, one can see the inspiration and how much work it took. I think that is the beauty of fashion. A beautiful, well designed and tailored garment should steal your heart. Sometimes a garment is too beautiful that I cry. But my favorite reaction to fashion is when the “oh shit, I need to have that one in my closet”. Friday night at the Undergrad fashion show, I had my “oh shit” moments. The show had 250 garments and 100 models. I will try my best to show you the best work but first enjoy these original designs from the Undergraduate students of Lasell College. Tomorrow, it will be their non textile designs. They will blow your mind.

Designed by Tavonna Smallwood

 I loved every second about this. Designed by Martha Powell
 And this. I wish I could just walk around in this but those times are gone...except when you are on Lasell's Runway. Designed by Lloyd Hall.

Designed by Martha Powell 

Pictures are taken by the amazing talents of Will Dempsey 


  1. This is great! but try to find all the designers. I know the one i'm modeling (the black top hat one) is by Lloyd Hall.


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