Lasell College Fashion Weekend: Non Textile, Make it Work.

I can barely make a garment so I always get wowed when I see people doing things with non-textiles. This was one of the style moments that I loved. The way those garments were flowing was beautiful and knowing that they were non textiles made it even twice better. I have to say, I had a few moments where I forgot that I was at a college fashion show. I present to you, Lasell non-textile 2013. Sweet dreams

Dashaun Hightower’s chic gown is made from trash bags and paper.

Lauren Meunier’s flapper inspired garment made completely from mardi-gras beads had me ready to party. The way the beads moved was artistically amazing. 

My sweet tooth adored Allyson Duval’s Lindt chocolate wrapper dress. I have so many questions about the process of  this dress? I wonder who ate all that chocolate mostly.

Jacob McCarty made this chic dress from a shower curtain and wall paper. How many would have guessed that? 

How lovely is this Erin Saunder’s road map dress?

Lindsay Griffin’s samurai inspired gown was made of soda tabs, aluminum foil and paint. I would wear this one. It fits right into this year’s Met Gala punk theme. 

April Canavan’s asymmetrical garment was inspired by mermaids and made from rope and shells.  

Narisha Mercury’s dress is made from a shower curtain and synthetic flower dress

Nourie Noun’s asymmetrical dress is with hand dyed vinyl gloves.

Photos taken by Will Dempsey


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