Leave Dwayne Wade’s pants alone so that we can teach Ambrocombie and Fitch a lesson.

Dwayne Wade wore capri pants suit to game 4. He definitely got heat for it (no pun intended) as a woman with a good and sometimes weird taste in fashion I think that there is nothing wrong with this look.  I think fashion is art. That is why some designs only belong on the runway, however there is always that one person who can bring the design to the real world and make it work.  The only reason why this suit is working for him and getting your attention is because it is Dwayne Wade. There are some things that a person can get away with; like Lebron getting away with fouls. Let this suit be the foul that Dwayne Wade will get away with. I think the problem is that he is too tall. I can see this look working more for him if he was a few inches taller. You know, I have never imagined a tall handsome man in a capri suit but if this is how it looks, then I will take one. A fashion risk like this is very brave, we love brave on my runway.

We all know that Abercrombie and Fitch has disgusting policies. I think there is nothing wrong with them refusing to make large clothes; nothing wrong with wanting only the “cool kids” to wear your brand.  Good for the cool kids. I just think it is very disgusting and almost cold hearted  and thinking about the fact that he looks in the mirror and thinks that it is okay to refuse to hire someone because of their level of attractiveness when he is not a head turner himself makes me want to throw up.  I don’t even think their brand is any good that is why it has not appeared on my runway. This just got my attention. A nice young man thought it might be a good idea to give the brand’s clothes to homeless people. I am glad he thought about it because I think it is brilliant. He is helping Abercrombie and Fitch  make their brand. They should be thankful, this is free PR. He is asking you to help too. I can find some free time….

If I had any of their brands in my closet, I would totally do it but they are not my daily cup of tea either. I think people should just go, thrift shop their brands and give them to the homeless people. Who does he think he is to say that he only makes clothes for the “cool kids”? Get the fuck outta here. I am sorry, I hate shit like this.


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