My Runway, meet designer Martha Powell.

I love when people surprise me. After being fascinated with Lasell College design student Martha Powell’s designs, I had to have a talk with her to know what the real story behind her designs was. The clothes she makes make you believe that there is a story behind them and I think that is wonderful. She is very passionate about it, to some of us, fashion is an escape.

 This dress was inspired by the consumption epidemic and the fetishization of death in the Victorian times. This dress is very Alexander McQueen- I had a fashion connection when she told me that Alexander McQueen was her impression. That right there, made me understand her designs better than I was. McQueen would be proud!

 “To me, making clothes is everything! It's the only thing that I could ever see myself doing. Sewing is an art form-- it's sculpture on the body. Clothes are an extension of one's self and I am honored to be the one that facilitates that expression. I also see fashion design as a validation. Throughout my life, I have been told that, as a woman, pursuing higher education was a waste of time, or that fashion design would never take me places. This just drove me to work harder, reach higher, and prove them all wrong. My sewing is my rebellion and my way of succeeding in life, despite the naysayers.” Powell says.

 I am excited to see what she does with her senior collection. I love meeting people who connect to fashion on a soulful level and I am glad she does because she is good at it. You should go this way for more Martha Powell. Thank you for visiting my runway.


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