A Month Later...

Hey peeps, one of the things many I learnt from my trip is how different parts of the world embrace fashion. It is pretty obvious that our culture affects our fashion but I dint think that is something we think of on a daily basis. In Uganda, people are always dressed up which I thought was great. You cannot walk around and see someone in sweatpants and One cannot just go into the city wearing whatever they want. It is usually dressy casual. This was kind of a con because my sense of fashion is mostly “I can wear whatever I feel like”. Their fashion police (which is everyone) don’t play. A stranger will literally scream across the street criticizing your look whether bad or good. Another thing I realized is that boobs are socially more acceptable than legs. So all of you boob loving people, move to Uganda because a woman can show serious cleavage but the moment she wears something above her knees, the fashion police will let her know. This is probably an unspoken dress code or a cultural difference in my end. 

The other fun thing is the retail. This is how their thrift retail is set up. No written prices on the items so if you are good at bargaining, then you will do a lot of saving. Of course they have normal stores but I love seeing things that remind me that life is more than what we know. I just want to travel around the world to see how other cultures embrace fashion and retail. To you it looks strange but to the people it belongs to, it is daily life. That is the beauty of life. I am probably the only person who finds this fascinating.

I am glad to be back. I will also take a moment for Cory Monteith. A beauty of life that was taken away too soon. Uuuuggghh this made me sad. R.I.P


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