Nelson Mandela: A man of style.

As we celebrate Mandela day, With all the titles given to Nelson Mandela, don’t forget to add style icon. Ohh by the way, in case you live under a rock, it is his birthday today. Happy Birthday Mandela!!!!

While I was growing up, I always fantasized about meeting Mandela, I had my reaction ready and I already had a place where the picture him and I took was going to be. Taking a picture with Nelson Mandela has been on my bucket list…it was number 4. I idolized him; I thought it was unbelievable how humble he was. I have never heard a person say a single bad word about Mandela and I admired that. At some point, I wanted to become a politician because of him. If you are wondering how Mandela had style. Check out his shirts. He was the first person to wear these kinds of shirts (this is a fact people) and because of him, in South Africa they are called Madiba shirts. He has made them famous especially in South Africa where they are sold in stores (look at bottom picture) this was way before Russell Westbrook even started wearing them.  

            These shirts are usually bright African prints but there are a few in conservative natural prints. This is a nice way for men to get into the print trend. BREAKING NEWS…I am seeing a future men’s trend. If I were you, I would listen to me and get on this trend before anybody else does because boys, it is coming. It will be a sad day when Mandela goes but he has changed this world. 

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Also, in case you wanted to watch a good Nelson Mandela movie, watch Sarafina. Its on You tube too .CLICK HERE  Stay cool and chic. God bless Mandela.


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