A dress should ALWAYS be flattering.

          Rita Ora and Nicole Scherzinger -I can never pronounce her name….anyways, they were both spotted wearing this Shakuhachi   Spring 2013 bustier dress. And while some people might like it, I don’t. It could be easily mistaken as chic and simple but it’s just unflattering. I think a dress is supposed to flatter a woman in her best way and it shouldn't be any less. This dress is boring; it looks like they are literally walking around in a cloth they just pinned to hold. They are both beautiful women and this kind of dress doesn't do their great bodies justice.

Image from Fashion Bomb Daily

           The trick is only wearing things that flatter your best assets. Like if you love your hips, then dress up those hips girlfriend. And if you hate your arms, cover up your arms so that the attention is not on your arms. If you think your love handles are making their own decisions then dress down those suckers and dress up those hips so that the attention is on your hips.  People will think to themselves “wow look at that lady looking great in that skirt” No one is paying attention to your lovely man handles because I am sorry Adam Levine, not all of us can look like Victoria Secret models. I think our style is a reflection of the way we look at our bodies.

            What I am trying to say is that if you ever find yourself in a dress like this, get a chic belt, put on some chunky fun necklace (Like Nicole tried. She also wore it better) and have fun with it. Either they styled it wrong or it is just the dress I don’t know. But I’m sorry Shakuhachi, this Origami bustier dress did not work out. Maybe it’s the material. What do you think?


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