Online Cool Find: Oh Kei in Brazil

From Oh Kei

Bom dia - that is Portuguese for Good morning. Oh Kei is my latest cool online find. This website is perfect for those who enjoy the sweatshirt weather but would like to stay chic. When I first saw this outfit on blogger Flavia from Brazil; I thought to myself, I need to have that.  So I got to digging and that is how I stumbled upon this website.  I contacted them and although they are located in Brazil, they do ship to America and guess how much the shipping is. If you guessed $10 then you are correct. I know right? So with shipping included, a T- shirt costs $45 and a sweater costs $58. That is way cheaper than Kanye West’s white tee which is $120 and that is only for a plain white tee. Check them out at Oh Kei. All you have to do is copy and paste what you want in an email and the billing will be via Paypal. You will be chic and comfortable. Even though you are like me and you are waiting to finish off your tuition before you spend a dime, it never hurts to look ;) Tenha um bom dia amor. 


  1. HI- i recently came across a sweater from Oh Kei that I MUST have ASAP! I am located in the US (california) and was wondering if you could explain to me in detail how to go about getting this sweater and if you have any idea how to go about requesting the quickest possible shipping method as possible. I am not good with these sorts of things and could really use your advice since it sould like you've already made purchases through them. Thanks so much!
    If it helps..... I am looking to purchase the black and gold sparkle Chanel/Mickey Mouse head sweater to wear to Disneyland Next week.....


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