Summer Fashion Pet Peeves

I have a few or more fashion pet peeves, we all do. I don’t like the way men’s dress shirts look when they are not tucked in. To me, they look sloppy and boxed especially when it does not fit correctly. It really bothers me. This heat makes it is very difficult not to easily see things that annoy you so you can imagine how I felt when I saw a girl was wearing Ugg boots. Which is another pet peeve, I HATE when people wear items in the wrong season.

Since I decided to share my pet peeves, it really bothers me when people wear big strapped bras with spaghetti straps. I know how hard it is to find a good bra ­­- you have better luck finding a good man….just kidding…but seriously where are they hiding? (That joke had to be made) I know that you know the look I’m talking about, where the bra strap is bigger than the tank top strap; that just looks ugly to me. This is how I see it, if you wouldn't love to see a look in a magazine, then don’t wear it because you are your magazine, you deserve to look fabulously flawless too.

I don’t think white leggings should be worn ever. It has nothing to do with them being white, they are just not flattering. I still have to see someone who looks good in white leggings. Think of it, they are white, tight on you with cheap material and probably cheaply made. If that doesn't scream unflattering then I don’t know what to tell you my dear. 

      On a side chic note, how great is this outfit Rihanna wore Rag & Bone Black and Blue Moto Trousers in Manchester yesterday? This is a very chic look that can easily be put into daily style.  What are some of your fashion pet peeves? Stay cool and chic. 

Photo Fashion  Bomb Daily 


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