Fashion Crush: Erykah Badu is a QUEEN

You know, this is not the worst Monday that I have seen on my Runway and that is the reason why I am ignoring the rumors that Lindsay Lohan is starting a fashion blog because maybe this is her comeback season; I personally would not take any fashion advice from her. Maybe she should start up an anti-drug campaign. I started with my celebrity gossip this morning.

Moving on to more important things that matter, I have a new style crush and it is non-other than my girl Erykah Badu. She is fierce and she does it so effortlessly. If you notice very carefully, she is a trendsetter. She is in fact the true definition of a trendsetter because the trends are not really credited to her. I would not dare even try to copy her style because I feel like only she would be able to work it. I bow down to her; she is a class act and a true queen. These are some of my favorite looks she has worn.


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