Fashion News: Dapper 11 year old starts his own Bowtie Business.

Eid Mubarak to all my Muslims. Why wait when you can start now is what came to mind when I found out about this 11 year old entrepreneur Moziah Bridges who started making his own bowties. A self-described “dapper young man” could not find any bowties for his taste and that is when his grandmother taught him how to sew- and we have people on Project Runway who can barely use a sewing machine. This dapper young man is selling his bowties on Etsy and has already made a profit of $30,000 which he is using to start a scholarship to help kids go to summer camp so that they can stay out of trouble. Check out his website Moziah’s Etsy shop which has over 60 different styles of his neckwear. This is not the last time you will hear of this young man. He is adorable and very inspiring. I usually post some inspiring stuff on my facebook page that I think you should know about and like. Have a lovely day. Leave Beyonce’s haircut alone. Stay chic


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