Fashion News: H&M launches online shopping, August is going to be a great month.

Of course you have heard that H&M has launched its online shopping. For some of us, this has brightened up our day. I think August is going to be a great month. Some people do not care but this is major breaking news. I have prayed for this moment to come but it came at the wrong time. I was doing such a great job trying to save money. My bank account is threatened since it knows that H&M is one of my biggest weaknesses. I don’t even think of going window shopping there because I know what is going to happen. See, the thing about H&M is that they always have amazing clothes for really cheap prices. They have these $4 skirts that don’t make you feel like $4 when you wear them. And there clothes are usually well constructed. Very stylish and on trend too; basically, H&M gets good reviews from this girl. How cute is this dress?

I hope they don’t have ridiculous shipping prices. You know what would be more exciting than H&M having online shopping, offering free shipping as well. You know you are having a great day when you are offered free shipping. I don’t know if I should be worried at the fact that I am genuinely excited about this but think of it as your favorite team recruiting a really good player. Or remember that time Lebron James got his first championship ring, that is how exciting this is. Welcome H&M to the 21st Century. This is good; the economy needed a boost anyways. 


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