Thoughtful Friday: Julien Macdonald, High fashion done right.

I love it when high fashion designers make beautiful ready to wear designs. Julien Macdonald who has been added to my list of favorite designers is one of those designers who this this perfectly. I would love to wear one of his designs. There is a simplicity that he adds to his designs. The materials are sexy and chic; the designs are sexy and look like they are created for the woman who knows what she is working with. That is the thing about Alexander McQueen’s designs as well; they were for that woman who knows what she is working with and that is why women on the red carpet will never get out of these kinds of designer brands. High fashion is more about what name you are wearing but how does that name make you look like? I will refuse to wear a McQueen piece if I didn’t like the way it made me feel or look. And you know how I feel about McQueen. Point is; Julien Macdonald will never leave the catwalk or the red carpet. Take a look at his work, what do you think?

Photos VogueUK


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