Roger that: Rihanna for River Island 2 Part 1

Rihanna revealed her second collection for River Island early this morning and Vogue UK showed the full collection. After going through this collection, it is bound to please any loyal Rihanna Navy. This autumn/ winter 2013 collection is going to come in 2’s, the first part will hit the stores in September while the second one in November. The collection has the urban high street feel just like the first one; although this season, it is more sporty edge. The feel it gives off is a sexy tom boy. I think that is why many people (guilty) easily connect with Rihanna’s style because it is daring in a calm yet sexy and provocative way. In case you couldn’t tell by this point, I am very excited for this collection. I wish it was easier to access in America. Can you imagine how crazier this would have been if she had launched her collection with H&M. That would have been B.A.N.A.N.A.S  

The best part of all this is that you can see Riri wearing every single piece in this collection. It almost feels like I am peeking into her closet. Here is my pick; the long sleeved crop tops are a must have, the floor-length mesh dresses are usually not my style but they look chic and comfortable.  I don’t believe in running but I would run for the body-con minis. The booties look comfortable, they would also look great with boyfriend jeans or really anything so they would be for grabs. I think I spot a onesie. I  loved the bomber jackets and the leathers trousers. So basically, I’m making my Christmas list. It is never too early.

I usually hate when celebrities have fashion lines because I think that is why we have designers but I love Rihanna in the fashion industry. Hopefully, we get to see her in London Fashion Week.

Take a look at the collection. To get a more exclusive look, go to What do you think of her collection? Or you can bring the Monday blues HERE and discuss Russell Westbrook’s Teen Choice wards look. Fashion can be therapy too. Stay chic. Vogue UK



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