The Print Trend through the vision of Ms. Ray Couture’s designs

             There is nothing wrong with following trends; one just has to make a trend their own with a touch of their personal style.  The print trend is the hottest trend right now.  This is a trend that everyone ought to enjoy because let’s face it; this trend is one of those trends that is here to stay. As I was looking for ways I could do this trend differently, that is when I found Ms. Ray Couture’s designs.  The face behind Ms. Ray Couture’s Designs is Nkem Anthonia Raymond who was born in Nigeria. Mr. Ray developed love for African prints because of “their uniqueness and the story they tell”. The thing I loved most about these designs is how chic they are. Her designs are simple, fabulous and classy. Take a look and tell me what you think, to know more about Ms. Ray, go HERE and see more of her fabulous work. We are in love with your talent Ms. Ray, that law degree from the University of Amsterdam is being put to good use. 

“I had to play around with various fabrics and styles to find out what Ms. Ray is all about. Reality hit me on a certain evening while I was sitting down in my room enjoying one of my favorite writer’s book; ‘I Know why the caged bird sings’  by Maya Angelou. I read her books because they contain so much wisdom,  comfortable energy and yet manage to stimulate young black women to go out to the world and kick ass. It was that same evening that I decided to keep my style simple, fabulous and classy.” She says 

Photos that are not on the runway were Photographed by Bartjan Nieuwerf and make up done by Trudi Niewerf. 


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