Trend Watch...Ooops or Oh Snap: Bacon as a Fashion Trend

Bacon seems to be trending. I am not completely mad about that because I love bacon. You cannot be trusted if you don’t like bacon but wearing clothes that look like they are made out of bacon? I just can’t. Nope, this is not happening. Come up with another idea; stop trying to make bacon chic. That is just crazy. We are not cavemen anymore. This is the only time I am against bacon.

I think bacon is better off being eaten but if you insist on wearing it, here are a few ideas of how you can. Please do not wear something that looks like it was made out of bacon because ….Oh my I just can’t with this trend. What about you? 

Get one HERE
Or these cool bacon socks that could be fun to wear. The whole trend can be fun if done correctly.


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