What is a weekend? Yay or Ooops for GaGa?

Photo from Fashion Bomb Daily
This is the ladiest I have seen from Lady Gaga and I love it. This is what I love about her, she wears face paint, long sleeved gloves and high heeled booties just to go walk around and run her errands or whatever is going on in GaGa world. To be honest, I am more of a Lady GaGa fashion fan than a Lady GaGa music fan; if that makes any sense.
The strapless dress is Alexander McQueen, you can spot McQueen creations by the waistline that was one of his signatures.  The platform boots are Azzedine Alaia and I am dying because she is greatness. Remember those days when people used to wear long sleeved gloves everywhere? I think our generation is the most casual one especially when it comes to fashion. Hey 21st Century, let’s class things up and bring back those gloves. I think it’s a great idea. Yay or Oooops for GaGa?


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