Would you rock Tom Ford Spring-Summer 2014?

“I don’t pop molly, I rock Tom Ford” Ohh hey look Tom Ford just premiered their summer collection. You know, I thought the Jay Z song reference was the best introduction to a collection that I know most people would never dream of being caught in. I love this summer collection in its very beauty. Props to men who can rock a Tom Ford suit. This is not the type of suit that can easily be rocked by anyone. For starters, you need to be making some kind of money to touch one. Just saying! If you did not know what Jay Z is talking about in his Tom Ford song, you get an exclusive look of their Summer collection thanks to GQ Magazine for the sneak peek. I love it when they do that. 

Take away all the rules society puts on masculinity and tell me you don’t see a handsome man looking so darn dashing in a pink or flower patterned Tom Ford suit.  Throwing a fun fact your way, Tom Ford is from H town. He probably has tea and Jay Z and Beyonce. I would have tea with him. On a side note, I think Jay is trying to say that his clothes are too expensive for him to “pop molly” (drugs kill people) therefore he doesn’t “pop molly, he rocks tom ford” but I am the last person you should be getting hip pop song translations from. 
                 Check out the shoes!!!!

Take a look at what GQ Magazine calls a collection with “badass looks”. I would not mind a man in a polka dot tie. If you tone down the colors paired with the flower print trousers, put on brown shoes, I would not mind you either sir. I can imagine my future husband wearing one of these velvet and print looking blazers. Tell me, what do you think of Mr. Ford’s summer collection?

Look at this Jay Z performance of Tom Ford. They are precious


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