A brilliant Mrs. Beckham

Sometimes I forget that Victoria Beckham is a singer turned designer but then again sometimes I forget that David Beckham is not married to me. There is however one thing I am sure of, Mrs Beckham is a wonderful talented designer. She has a good eye for fashion which I really like. She is probably top 5 of the most inspiring women; she has the hottest shoes, she has had all of those kids and pushes them around in heels. I don’t even remember her taking a year off to “take care of kids” because she knows her shit. Plus, she has the most beautiful man as her husband. So she gets to walk around in the most beautiful shoes and ends up in bed with David Beckham. Yeah she has it all. Maybe that is why she doesn’t smile.  I don’t think she is a mean person, I think she is a woman in heels with a mission. She has to go kick ass, no time to smile. I understand you other Mrs. Beckham. Anyways, these are some of my favorite looks by her.

They are fashion’s first family

Photos from VogueUK.com


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