Cara Develevingne is amazing but first what day of the week is it?

A time will come when Cara Delevingne  is everything and this moment needs to be embraced. My spotlight is on the moment I fell in love with this impressive young lady. There is something about her that makes her different and the reason why is going to be everything. She is like the Kate Moss of the next generation. I am usually whatever about her.  Anyways, this is the moment, how AAMAZING does she look in this white Burberry suit. How are you not amazed by this beauty?  I wish she had gone to papa Louboutin for the shoes. I would be asking for the impossible if I said that her make-up was not perfect.  It might look like maybe I am just a little over excited about this look, but let’s face it, when was the last time someone looked this good in an all-white suit? 

Via VogueUK


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