Eric Thomas: What is really trending this Fall?

As I put together the REGINAH’S RUNWAY fall trends, I realize that sometimes we forget what is in style.  Therefore before we take another step, before you step on your runway, there is a very important trend that you need to know about.

Eric Thomas is a motivation speaker who posts videos each Monday called “Thank God It’s Monday”.  I thought that this was a game changer when I first watched his videos. You will not believe how fast I ran out of bed because I was motivated. I was faster than I would have been if you told me that David Beckham was standing outside of my door.  He is an amazing speaker and he keeps it real.  When you are looking for motivation or simply what to wear, listen to him, watch him. You will be surprised at how quickly you will get out of bed and come up with an amazing outfit because you are on the move, ready to step on your runway. Thomas is someone that everyone especially us 20 somethings – does not matter how cool you are, even if you are all set with the motivation, watch his videos. This was the first one I watched. Here is his Youtube channel so when you have those sleepless nights or sleepy mornings, put him on.

When it comes to style, it is best when it comes from within. I personally feel like my fashion instincts are on point when I have a clear head. How you gonna win when you ain’t right within? How are you going to stay on trends when you can barely keep track of your work or relationships? Yeah good luck with that buddy.  So before we get into the fall trends, let us get motivated first. Let’s style each other within first. Check out Eric Thomas’ videos and let’s get to stylin’. Let us begin with the most important accessories. With a smile, confidence and motivation, you are already stylin’ on them. 


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