Laura Govan a beautiful woman with ugly fashion…..ain’t that some shit

I was procrastinating on one of my favorite fashion blogs Fashion Bomb Daily Blog when I saw this picture of Laura Govan. I ignored simply because first of all, I did not know who she is and I still don’t. I’m merely interested but I did not believe my eyes when I took a second look at what she was wearing.

Oh my McQueen she did not just wear Alexander Wang with ripped jeans.  Many things are wrong with that picture. I will start with the fact that she felt the need to pair this Alexander Wang with a pair of ripped jeans. I understand that maybe she would have wanted to look covered up. I hate to point out the fact that she had more than three options.

1 She could have worn it with a pair of leather leggings. These are from Forever

2) She could have worn it by its self. She doesn’t seem to be the type to be afraid of showing skin. Although I would understand why she would want to cover up…it gets complicated the curvier a woman is.

3) She could have worn those Christian Louboutin leather boots that I am dying to call my own. Girl, don’t you ever be afraid to run to Pappa Louboutin.
The thing that is most unbelievable is that I had to put Alexander Wang and ripped jeans in the same sentence. They cannot even be in the same room. It’s one of those things and how dare she wear a tank dress with jeans. This is 2013, slut up a little. This is not 2005; we don’t wear jeans like that anymore. Does she live under a rock? She made the look sloppy and cheap. It gets better, check her out in this Michael Costello piece. Woof !!
What a cheap taste in fashion. She needs to get it together. The make-up is not right, the hair is not right, the fashion is way off and yet she is still on a red carpet. Whoever styled her (that is if she has one) should be ashamed. I wouldn’t let my worst enemy leave the house like this. One of my biggest fashion pet peeves that I cannot stand. Have a nice weekend y’all 


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