Karma is a bitch with an awful sense of style.

A while ago, I got a pair of heels for a good price. The only thing about those shoes was that another girl was after them and I knew that. But I wanted those shoes so I did not care of what was in my way. Just like Kendrick Lamar “….I’m gonna get it even if you’re in the way and if you’re in it, better run for Pete’s sake” that’s how I felt so I obviously got the shoes.  I knew Karma was going to come back and guess what, that bitch got me back. I have been eyeing these shoes for a while, I knew that I had to wait for the right moment to get them because they were special shoes; one of a kind if I must say. Just as I was almost coming up with a master plan and they were about to go on scale, a bitch came and bought my shoes. She took them, just like the way I took the other girl’s shoes.

I watched that headband wearing bitch buy my shoes. Bitch is the word of the day because I’m hurt. I had plans for those shoes. I mean, they were no Louboutins but they were worth every cent. Whatever, I will get over it. So yeah, that is my runway.


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