OMG Hello London Fashion Week: House of Holland

I might or might not have taken a “bathroom break” just to see what is going on in London. Fine, it happened and you know what, the day only has 24 hrs. I just saw House of Holland’s collection and boy was it just amazing. I can only imagine how the people who saw this in person reacted. This is British fashion at its finest. It is trendy yet mature with a certain playful sophistication. Designs like this are perfect for us. You know, the ones who are at that awkward age where we are not girls or women either…..ask Britney Spears, she knows. I love everything about this

The next two looks are denim btw..I know right?

  I’m on the search for this
This shirt is everything
 Yes Lord and this too

Also I don’t know how I know this but Harry Styles was in the front row (This might be a trick to get teenage directioners to read my blog. Yeah I learnt something in school #connectedlearning ) My favorite part of his presentation was that his designs outshined the star filled front row. What a genius. What do you think of his collection? P.S I didn’t blog this in the bathroom


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