Oscar de la Renta's Spring Ready To Wear (RTW)

I wish fashion week happened during the week that I was not very busy but because we cannot stay away from the things we love most, even during my busiest, I can have a second or two for fashion. It is a safe haven for me. I was just in time for Oscar de la Renta’s presentation and boy did he outdo himself once again. I never become speechless but I find myself unable to describe how PERFECT and BRILLIANT this collection is. Everything is detailed yet simple. This is what designers do, they create art. I have been noticing designers who love just pinning shit together and put their brand on it and call it fashion. OMG you need to stop this. Cough! Cough! Micheal Kors I saw your September Vogue ad. Back to Oscar, I kiss your feet, these are brilliant. What do you think? 


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