Reginahs Runway trend pick.

Hello! Hi! Aloha! okay so I know I have been very busy, I don’t mind it. I just hate the fact that I am missing New York Fashion Week which makes me to be on my phone all the time. You have to keep up with fashion because if you blink, you might miss something; Its one of those things. Anyways, It is happening. I am predicting an upcoming trend that you and I would love. It’s the leather baseball caps.
This baseball cap could easily become your new best friend because it works for almost every kind of style. You can dress it up with a dress or sweatpants. Just do it. 

On rainy days, I wish I had some sort f cap that would complement my style. I think this is it. Honestly, I cannot wait to get my hand on, this is happening people. So is if you see it either at Nordstorm or Zappos or even Overland. Get one, let’s kick ass on those rainy days without worrying about our hair. I wanted to let you guys know first. Would you do it? Would you wear a leather baseball cap in public? Also either Rihanna is just THE trendsetter or I’m just let on this trend. I don’t know.


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