Style Crush: Nicole Taft from Boston.

I like celebrating people with style. When a person is very sure of their style, it can be sweatpants or Gucci; it means that there is something about yourself that you know that other people don’t. I am here confessing that I think that clothes are more than just what we wear. We all react to fashion differently because we are all different people. P.s I decided to wear white today because I’m one of those people who love making “white after labor day” jokes ahahhaha but white after labor day glamorous, even Micheal Kors approves.

            Anyways, I think that this lovely lady Nicole Taft has style so I had to chat with her to find out more. I like knowing things….

She says “I love Rihanna especially her street wear fashion.”
 “I would describe my style as bold and abstract”

 “I love pops of color”
  She stays away from “the popular prints. I don’t like zebra or colorful cheetah/ leopard prints”

Thank you for sharing your style on my runway. 


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