AHS Coven Style: Black will always be the new black.

I only watched the first season of American Horror Story. I don’t know, the end of the first season pushed the envelope for me. I however last week found myself watching it because my lads wanted to watch it. I was impressed by the costumes of this season. Do you remember the scene when the witches went for a walk through town, they were wearing all black. But it was not in a sad way, it was in a chic way. Black will always be the new black because it will never go out of style.
Anyways, I found myself getting inspiration from that episode. The thing about wearing all black is that you cannot really do anything wrong with it. There is no way you will break any sort of fashion rule. It is very effortless. I guess the witches are in style because even I am getting inspiration from them. I like the whole idea of wearing all black and playing around with the accessories. It’s all about the accessories this fall.


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