Happy Monday, Adam Levine has a clothing line and you can afford it.

You ever wonder why directors or companies make certain decisions. Like how did she come up with the decision to make Charlie Hunnam Christian Grey. I’m naturally a curious girl so I decided to go back and watch again  Sons Of Anarchy. At first, I watched it because sometimes we watch shows that our friends watch for the sake of it. Anyways, now that I am watching it 100% and not focusing on how hot Charlie Hunnman is, a skill that is to be mastered. She chose him because he would make a perfect Christian Grey.  Jax is a heart broken bad boy who happens to be a mommy’s boy. He is a lost beautiful man and there is nothing women love more than a beautiful lost man. She just chose him because she wants to put him in a suit. Hey more man candy I am not complaining but she is copying people’s ideas just like she copied fifty shades from Twilight. What happened to people coming up with their own shit. That’s luck of creativity.

Anyways, Kmart thought that it was a good idea to make a collection with Adam Levine, which evidently it was. Adam Levine has a men’s wear collection at Kmart . It’s alright I guess. I’m not a huge fan of celebrities having “clothing lines” . The pieces look good and trendy and the prices are good. The line is also inspired by his style. He is hot so duuhh take your man shopping  so he can dress like Adam Levine or you man go shopping you need a new shirt anyways. Or I need to go shopping, men’s sweaters serve as wonderful chunky sweaters. Take a look at it here. This is the same shit H&M does with David Beckham. Are we really out of ideas people? 


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