Man Crush Monday: You don’t have to be a gay man to know how to dress.

Omg I have a guy story. So I met a nice young gentleman. He had a handsome smile and beautiful eyes, just like any other handsome guy would be. Let’s face it, everyone is beautiful, I am a believer in that. Call me naïve but I believe that sometimes at the end of the day it is what you do with your beauty that makes you beautiful from there; your level of attractiveness varies. Anyways, back to my handsome stylish crush.
He was wearing white pants. First of all, anyone who wears white pants and still manages to make them look clean as milk is very brave. With his pants, he wore white boat shoes which had blue sole to match his navy blue sweater. At this point, I am thanking my fashion guardian angel for putting him in my way because I appreciate a guy with style. I don’t know about you but any man of mine better know how to dress... although he cannot dress better than me. You will be surprised by the power of a pair of pants.

Based on the few hi-bye conversations I have had with my handsome stylish crush and most importantly his style, I have collected enough evidence to put him in the “worth my time” category and he didn’t even have to make those corny jokes that I am by the way terrible at noticing. Having style does not mean that you have to know designer names and having a shopping problem. It is all about presenting your best version through your clothes. It says I am brave enough to wear white pants. I bet he is spontaneous too, I appreciate a spontaneous guy. But the thing about spontaneous well-dressed straight guys is that they are ALWAYS taken. I learned that he is a nice spontaneous guy with a girlfriend simply based on his outfit. I saved me some time but to be honest, if I was interested, Mr. stylish handsome would be one colored pant away from getting my number.

In honor of Man Crush Monday, here are a few stylish handsome lads. 


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