Marc Jacobs leaves Louis Vuitton and Tyra Banks is suing over wigs?

The rumors of Marc Jacobs leaving Louis Vuitton has were put to an end this during Paris Fashion Week. Jacobs put on his last show yesterday. He has been working for the company for 16 years. Jacobs introduced the ready to wear collection to the company. Before that, the company was mostly known for making luxury luggage. I thought it was a bummer but this is not the last time we will be seeing Jacobs, he is going to focus more on his own company. He is like the Ryan Seacrest of fashion. Do they even sleep?

For his last show, Jacobs had all the models wearing these amazing headpieces. I almost died of fabulousness when I saw them. He also had the first few models walk down naked in paint. Its Jacobs, I was not expecting anything less from him. It might be sad and a surprise for the people who loved what he did to Vuitton but every song has an end, hopefully so is this cold that  has taken over REGINAH’S RUNWAY.  He went out with a bang.

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Believe it or not, Tyra Banks is reportedly suing 10 companies for making wigs that are inspired by her style. Banks filled a lawsuit of $10 million saying that each business is using her trademarks to promote their products. Now I live in the real world so I don’t know how things go down in the supermodel world so this is kind of  huuh for me too. I wonder if I can sue that girl I saw wearing the same shoes that I had on too.


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