The thing about dressing to impress.

I went to a model casting not so long ago and for the first time, I was on the other side of the table. I’m working on something, TBA. Anyways, it was a good opportunity to see what does not work. The thing about dressing to impress, it is everything yet you chose what you want to wear and yet your opinion doesn’t matter because you are not impressing yourself. These are a few little things that stand out, you might know them or not but either way, put them to use. They are your friends.
What not to wear
Stay away from jeans. Denim is classic, it will never go out of style but denim should never be for an interview. It might be a classic but there is nothing classy about it.  Instead, wear all black. You can never go wrong with black. Everyone loves black. Sometimes it is safer to stay away from color because if my boyfriend’s favorite color was purple and we just broke up so he happens to be my least favorite person in the world that color will just throw me off.
Don’t wear tank tops. It does not have to be explained but in case this is news to you, tank tops where originally meant to be worn as undergarments. Why are your bra straps also showing during an interview or audition? 
Get a professional email. Get an email that you only use for grown up businesses. This is a side note; also get an email for only coupons. You won’t believe how easier your life will become. Change that It might have been your sixth grade email but we are not in Kansas anymore.

Body language is EVERYTHING. Keep it simple, keep a smile and confidently put your best foot forward because the thing about first impressions is that you have a say in what impression you are giving off.


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