Peggy Nolan’s Oprah dress, sometimes fashion needs ethics.

I was having my usual moment of zen until I stumbled upon this naked Oprah dress by designer Peggy Nolan. The dress is ugly, offensive, very disrespectful, disgusting and tasteless. This is not even fashion. Now some bloggers were very furious about this but we are trying this whole zen thing on Reginah’s Runway so let’s try this….

Let’s take a look at this designer who declares to be “high class white trash” HA

I know there is this whole history of black women’s bodies being exploited and if you did not know this, the history is very sensitive. Trust me, Venus Hottentot and Sarah Bartman are not pleased at all about this but we don’t live in the past, we are in the present and this is fuckin’ Oprah. She could secretly be having tea with God for all we know, who knows what Oprah is up to? She is respected and  I  learnt that respect is not just given to you, no those are my fashion tips. Respect is earned and Oprah earned our respect. She worked so hard for our respect that we will not put a naked picture of her on a dress in the name of fashion. I don’t care if you are the fashion god of high class white trash; we accept and respect people’s style and that is a boundary that should be carefully crossed. Actually, just stay away from that line, 2014 is here, we are trying to class up.

Here are a few people this shame of a designer could have used instead. Miley Cyrus’ style is that she is going to smoke blunts on stage and twerk everywhere or whatever she is doing. So she is a good one.

I have Rihanna who is well down for anything as long as it makes her look like she is the main bitch of course she would think it’s a great idea.

I have Lady GaGa…..HA let’s face it, this lady will wear anything.

If you are a woman who would consider wearing a dress like this, you are a shame of a woman. You might as well go naked. Some people just stumble into fashion and get the wrong idea. Fashion, just like many of us is misunderstood.  Fashion is not women with eating disorders walking around in Louboutins. Fashion ethics and morals actually exist you stupid fuck. So much for being Zen.

I’m very ashamed of fashion right now and kind of disappointed to be honest. Nope I can’t. 


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