Meanwhile in Amsterdam

MTV had some sort of awards in Amsterdam and Miley Cyrus smoked a joint on stage because it is legal there. I swear that girl is having way too much fun. Go to class girl. But less about rick celebrities on their worst behavior that they get paid for and more about what they wore when they were on their behavior; hold on, hold my phone, let’s talk fashion.  

              I don’t know how a person can look dressed naked but Iggy Azalea is working it. She might just have a grade body but can you imagine how much tape would be needed to look this good in this dress? Werk it girl. 

I love the dress but it was poorly accessorized. And that is the thing about accessories; they can make or break your look. For Miley, they almost broke her look but good for her; she has been wearing some crazy shit lately that I never know when she is having a bad fashion moment. Just like the look on Ariana Grande’s face, I’m confused. The black Louboutins that I always put on my Christmas listwould have been perfect for this dress. 

I do not like this dress on Ariana. I know the petite length struggle especially with dresses and pants so we are going to play nice today. So I will be nice to my girl. I think the whole problem is that this dress is a little too mature for her. She needs to have a little bit more fun with her style, adventure out. Its not going to hurt anybody. Plus, I never understood why she always has a confused look on her face.

So much is going on with Dutch singer Eva Simons’ look. I love all the crazy from head to toe. Mhhh maybe I should take the next step and check out her music. 
I don’t know who Louise Roe is but I’m not crazy I’m not that crazy about this dress. The print is great. I don’t like the shoes she paired with it. Maybe the shoes would have been more appropriate if the dress was shorter. I just don’t like the way its hanging especially because of the print. It’s one of those eeegh looks. I also think she needs to work on her red carpet presence.  Shoulders back sweetheart.


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