Men’s Fashion: Happy MCM to all the stylish men.

Another Monday, another day to celebrate handsome men who dress well, I appreciate them.  So let’s share. Today we are giving the Beckhams and all those hot celebrity men that we will never get and making it all about the lasers. So here are the stylish lasers I spotted today.
More than my love for over the knee socks, I love the way men during the fall and it even gets better during the winter. I always get excited when the men bring out their timberlands, LL bean boots and the Polos. Ooh boy, wait until they bring out the Polos.  This is Reginah’s Runway today. I always see people have their style moment and I just want to take a picture. I just want to take a picture and tell you that you are having a style moment. 

It is Man Crush Monday so let’s share.  Any guy with a sense of style is crush worthy. If you think you have style then I have a crush on you. Hey, you got my attention.  I spotted  these three lads when I went for a quick lunch. Okay I will say it, I asked these stylish lads to have a mini photoshoot in the dining hall and they said yes. #bloggerproblems  but hey its Reginah’s Runway. 

Sometimes they just  represent their own teams

That’s all I have for this Monday . If you spot any stylish men, share them with me so we can all share. is the email or just @ me. Either way, hop on this style ride. 


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