Men's Fashion: Shawn Carter is a better designer than Yeezus

Jay Z’s celebrity friends have been spotted wearing pieces from his Barneys New York Holiday collection.  Fabolous was spotted wearing the $875 Just Don Mixed Exotics “BROOKLYN” with Chanel sneakers which range from $695 if you were looking for a pair. I love Fabolous although I wish his pants were a little bit more fitted. It is just the material of the pants is meant for more fitted pants but this is hip pop fashion so we are moving away from his pants and going to the shoes, let’s talk about those Chanel sneakers!!!

More of his friends have been spotted wearing the collection as well. 

And let’s not forget this time Beyonce stood by her man and posted this picture of her wearing a $2,295 Monclear Leather Sleeve PufferVarsity Jacket and Brooklyn cap. The cap seems to be the most popular item from this collection. Here is why.

Mrs Carter also showed off this $695 Elder StatesmanCashmere Ski Mask that if I had money like the Carters, I would be all over. Proceedings will go to the Shawn Carter Foundation. Yes to fashion with a cause.
That’s what friends are for. 

If I was one of Jay Z’s friends, I would splurge on the leather cap and these cool En Noir boxingshorts. Add on the black sneakers too, I’m supporting a friend here. 


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