More than a smile from Victoria Beckham

Despite the fact that she is barely spotted smiling or laughing or doing any sort of emotion close to that – so much for being married to the sexiest man alive, Victoria Beckham did an act of kindness so nice that my fashion heart did not believe it the first time I saw it.

Over the weekend, Mrs Beckham tweeted an image of the millions of shoes from her personal closet that she will be donating to charity. Mrs Beckham got busy, boxed up probably yesterday’s trends and gave them to a British Red Cross charity shop in Chelsea to raise money for victims of the Phillippine typhoon. That is really nice of her. Knowing that everything in her closet is a designer brand, knowing how much people will pay for an item once worn by Mrs Beckham and knowing how difficult it is to get rid of clothes, this is more than a smile from Mrs. Beckham. 


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