The man purse: A fine line between fashion and masculinity

Any kind of girl likes a guy who dresses nice. It is the truth; the dapper man will always win in any book. For some people, a partner with no style is a no. It’s one of those things, I hate seeing a nice well-dressed girl with a guy whose idea of dressing up is jeans.

So as I was going through December’s GQ with Matthew McConaughey on the cover, I stumbled about this coach ad with a guy who was very easy on the eyes just like any other guy in GQ would be. When I started reading the fashion, I would have snagged his room from my closet without even plotting on how I will “steal” his scarf. So I guess the question is, as much as I want a stylish masculine guy, do I want to share purses with him. There is a line between a stylish man and a man stealing things from my closet and I don’t think I’m okay with that. I don’t want to be playing who wore it better especially when it is a purse.

There is a line between fashion and masculinity and a man purse is crossing it. Although it has taken me this long and I don’t care what GQ thinks about it, I think we need to revise this trend. 


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