WCW: Here is to the women who know.

Leather dresses get a little tricky. They are very restrictive. Leather in general is very restrictive. Especially the dresses and shirts, it is very difficult to make leather look chic (it’s fierce not chic) until I saw this look. It might have something to do with the camouflage jacket being in the right place at the right time kind of thing but I really adore this look. She got style so she knows.
More fall style. People always get confused on how they should dress on nice fall days. You don’t want to be that person walking around with a season confused style. It’s the worst, I hate when my style is confused. But this is how you dress on nice fall days. The sandals are a perfect match of both seasons. Throw on a scarf and you are ready to go. I say she knows.

I still don’t understand people who like wearing sweatpants EVERY SINGLE DAY because they prefer to be comfortable. That’s like staying in a bad relationship because of good sex. It just does not make sense and honestly, it just means that you found your style so kudos to you, I on the other hand still have very many Louboutins to go. However, in my opinion, I think these two ladies look very comfortable and very stylish. Great layering; fun sweaters are always fun and chic so obviously they both know.   


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