What is happening to Tyra Banks?

When I was in high school, I would ALWAYS make sure that I’m infront of the TV by 2 o’clock, the Tyra Banks show was on and I was listening. She was there during my awkward teenage phase, so that is why it is only fair to be there for her. And by be there for her, I mean I’m about to slander how awful and trashy this look is.

This is Tyra Banks promoting her franchise Next Top Model in China. I ‘m very disappointed, disgusted and betrayed. How can a woman who was literally the definition of fierce think it is okay to leave her house like this? But again she sued a company for copying “her wig style”. She looks like she got some work done and if you are wondering what is so awful about this look. Let’s break it down.
First of all, DO NOT ever wear open toed heels with pantyhose. That is disgusting, that is weired, that is tacky and I’m shaking my head at Tyra right now; she needs to get it together. The skirt is a weired shape for the bustier and to be honest, a little too young looking for her. The bustier……I just cant even go there.  
If she wanted to keep the bustier, she would have needed a pair of fly leather pants and she could have changed the shoes. The skirt, unless it is a bit longer it would have to go. The shoes, those I’m not a huge fan of but they look very Asian street style so I  guess when in Rome….Home girl needs to work on her smizing. She could have put her hair up if she really wanted to wear those earrings. She let me down. 

I really do not like these Balenciaga red glove leather peep toe mules yuck. 


  1. I disagree with the pantyhose statement. Just because the fashion police says one thing doesn't mean everyone has to conform and do what they tell us. Bottom line is pantyhose are very sexy and they look sexy with open toe shoes. Pantyhose feet are very sexy. What is tacky is a woman not wearing hose who has pale bony legs and knobby knees.

  2. hahaha the last bit of your comments. Don't get me wrong,nothing against wearing pantyhose and we don't have to listen to fashion police. Having style is more than wearing what is trending- that is why wearing socks or panytyhose with open toe shoes is tacky to me. It is just one of those things


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