Fashion Psychology: Your style reflects your mood...Rihanna edition

As finals get here and the holidays accompanied with the stress that comes with it. It’s easy to just dive into work and act like everything is okay which works as planned until sweatpants are worn in public.

When people are stressed, either they will dress up more or will dress down. So you can imagine my reaction when I saw this picture of Rihanna dressed like a normal person.  My fashion instincts told me that she is not okay and it has nothing to do with this Pisces rainy season. It has everything to do with the fat that for her usual casual outfits, this one is too normal. The body language tell you whether a person is okay or not and I think we have more than needed evidence to say that Robyn needs a hug. As for me, I could always use a hug or shoe shopping. 

Speaking of shoe shopping, would you splurge on these Adidas beauties?


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