Special Post: Paul Walker takes a Hollywood exit.

Fast and Furious star Paul Walker died on Saturday in a car crush at the age of 40. Just like any death, it is really sad but on REGINAH’S RUNWAY, we would like to say that he made a Hollywood exit. Think about it, he spent most of his adult life doing something that he loves and he died doing what he loves while he was reportedly coming from a charity event. I hate to be an optimist in these situations but that is a nice way to go.

Walker’s style on the red carpet was very simple yet he always looked stylish. It might have been those blue eyes and the light that shined through, you could see just by looking at his pictures and his smile….it was a very handsome smile.

It happens; some people are beautiful both inside and out that it doesn’t matter what they are wearing or any of those things we love caring about that` mean nothing at the end of the day, like Cyber Monday.  Which is my favorite holiday but today; I will go read a book or something. There is no easy way to see this but just like he once said in an interview, “If one day the speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling” I sure hope that he is smiling.

Forever, he will be in our fantasies. He will still be the Paul Walker that we all knew and obsessed over and ever Monday might not be a Cyber Monday, but he will be our Man Crush Monday until well who knows, we still have not gotten enough of James Dean and Marilyn. His legacy will still live on.  He was a star with a great True Hollywood Story and those blue eyes. Take care angel.

The driver of the vehicle was former race car driver Roger Rodas who also happened to be his financial advisor and friend. He is also going to be missed by people who thought that he had the most handsome smile and eyes.

One of the major things about fashion is that you never know when a trend is going to be out, you are wearing an army green jacket and before you know it, it is out of style. We never know so do what you want to do on your runway.


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