REGINAH'S RUNWAY COMMITTEE: What do men do when they have NOTHING to wear?

What to wear? Some days, you wake up and you know exactly what you are wearing. You go to your closet and you know that it’s a sure deal; the world will have you in your cozy sweater today and you feel pretty great about that. And then there are those days when you wake up and you just hate everything in your closet. Fuck, even that shopping spree over thanksgiving weekend is not helping you out because today, you have nothing to wear.
So what do men do when they get those days? I did ask my fashion council  to tell me, what the heck does a man do when he has “nothing” to wear?  Yes ladies, men do sometimes have the same struggles as us.

Noble 22
“I throw on my favorite sweats and a dope hat to match.”

                Matt 19
                 “Hide in my room or wear sweatpants and pretend like I came from the gym all day”

Ricky 21
“I just wear sweatpants”

                                Kevin 21
                                “I stare at my closet hoping something else will show up”

Steve 20

“I stay in bed then wake up again and see if it works”
                                Liam 20
                                I hate those days. I usually get the most creative on those days and wear a little bit more of a bold outfit”

Chris 19
“Freak the fuck out then I panic to find something quick to go shopping in but if I’m in a rush, I put on a suit. When in doubt, suit up.”

                                Dylan 20

                                      “Do laundry” 

So before you nag your man about how much you hate everything in your closet, remember he might have the same problem too.

 What is your “I hate everything in my closet” routine? 


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