Winter trends will have you ready to go in 3 seconds

Being a fashion major has its perks that usually come at the end. I think that’s what fashion is anyways. Designers stay up nights trying to come up with designs, finishing those designs only to have 10 or fewer minutes on the runway. if you know, you know that those minutes are everything.

For fashion majors, Finals week is everything simply because we do not have you traditional finals.  Of course we have finals; they just come in projects and sometimes in my case photo-shoots. For my Styling for Photography “final”, I decided to go with a winter trend themed photo-shoot. For a busy week that I was having when this happened, I made it work to my best ability at the moment enjoying every second of it.

 The focus winter fashion should be the jacket and accessories. You will need a nice bag, an attention grabbing jacket and a nice scarf. You could really be wearing shit underneath that for all fashion cares. But hats made very unusual appearances on my runway and I’m okay with that. Hats definitely give a sexy look when worn right.

 If you want to dress up a jacket, don’t be afraid to put a belt on it as long as it balances the look. The winter season is not an excuse to give up on yourself. Don’t be afraid to wear your fur vest with a sweater, there are no laws against that. It is Reginah’s Runway approved. I passed all of my classes,  now let’s enjoy the holidays before we are back at it again.


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