Fashion News Breakdown: Victoria Beckham to open her first store, Lupita Nyong’o for Vanity Fair scandal and the American Apparel bush.

Victoria Beckham is opening her first store in London. Victoria’s first store located at 36 Dover St in London will open this fall. Mrs. Beckham’s clothing line has been doing very well but yet still underrated. This lady has an unbelievable work ethic that I admire a lot. She sells her collection in 60 countries with the U.K being her strongest market because that is where home is. America comes in second. Maybe that is why she is opening her first New York office this February. “I want to focus on the U.S. this year. To take it to the next level, I need a team on the ground living and breathing everything here in America.” This is fantastic news for us Victoria Beckham fans. After opening a store and now getting an office, I hope she is one step away from collaborating with a retail company because I am a huge fan of her fashion - more than I am a huge fan of David and I just need something from her brand in my closet. She always has the best jackets!!!

Lupita Nyong’o who is this award season’s it girl is gracing Vanity Fair with her beauty this February issue among other magazines. The magazine posted a sneak peak of her spread and it is clear that Lupita’s skin looks much lighter than usual. This resulted into many of her fans calling out the magazine for always doing this on different occasions with black actresses.  Lupita is known for her beautiful, deep tone so it is no surprise that the magazine making her skin appear fairer upset people. I don’t know why people get touché about shit like this. To me, it looks more like the work of the lighting and as a deep tone girl myself, I find nothing wrong with this.  Also, people need to realize that images appear different on the screen than they do on paper. Her skin tone appears differently because it will look much readable on print. This is not a racial issue; this is a “we need to sell more magazines” kind of issue. They make Kim Kardashian two sizes smaller on almost every magazine cover for crying out loud. Say whatever you want but she looks beautiful as always and she is on a cover of a magazine. Vanity Fair and other magazines rarely have diversity so that is a start.

American Apparel has put their window display mannequins in white underwear with pubic hair. What are your opinions on this?

Our First Lady Michelle Obama turns 50 today. I hope I look that good when I turn 50. Her birthday will be celebrated tomorrow at the White house with a dance party. Guests have been told to wear comfortable shoes. “There is one thing I can tell for sure….people will move;” Valerie Jarrett senior White House advisor told the press.  The First lady has a lot to celebrate, a Harvard- educated lawyer, mom of two. She is a true inspiration. The White House is about to be turnt up!!!! Have a wonderful long weekend.


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