Kanye West’s A.P.C collection is much better this time…..but it ain’t Ralph though.

I do not care much for Kanye West and what he says or does with his life but I do care about his opinion when it comes to fashion. Have you seen Kim lately, he is solely responsible for dressing her and I have to say, he does have a kin eye for fashion. Although he is not there yet, (and that he knows) he is onto something. “I have a very bad education in fashion, I kind of learned it on Style.com” he told the press while presenting his second collection with A.P.C over the weekend in Paris.

Although Kanye’s first collection sold out very quickly, I was not impressed by it at all but after looking at his second attempt, it is far less bland than the first one. The collection seemed to be inspired by his personal style. It had more than enough outwear options especially the oversized parkas some which were fur-lined with forward-leaning hoods. My favorite from the collection was the shawl blanket. Kanye’s ski masks made a debut in his collection but there were some sweaters which he confessed were inspired by women’s fashion. “I like going into women’s stores and picking clothes, I think that rock ‘n’ roll like Kurt Cobain and Lenny Kravitz.” He said.
I think he will have better luck with the men’s wear rather than the women’s wear. What do you think of his collection?
He made a lengthy speech at the beginning of his presentation so if you are a fan, you can read it here at Forbes 
Also here are some of the designs from his first collection. I can’t even call them designs because the collection looked like little though was put into it.  


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