Lifestyle: Facebook removes Marilyn McKenna's weight loss photo......someone needs a hug.

Facebook banned Marilyn McKenna's weight loss photo that she had posted on her facebook page. The picture is of her fitting both of her legs in one leg of her old pants. Someone had to rain on her parade causing the photo to be removed from facebook.

According to Facebook, the photo violated the site's policy of promoting "idealized physical appearances". I thought the exact thing, this is rubbish and not fair to this lady who has lost 100 pounds.  However, according to a Facebook rep, the photo was taken down because Marilyn paid to boost the picture. In case you did not know, you can pay a few dollars to Facebook so that your post reaches a larger audience. It is usually people selling products who do this and that is why  Facebook considered the photo an advertisement although Miss Marilyn was clearly just showing off her new hot body.

But Marilyn did not keep silent, "Hey Facebook! What 'products' am I promoting? You dunderheads! My website, my blogs, my videos...its all free!! I'm not selling anything!" she tweeted on Friday. Here is the amazing picture that I will soon share on my facebook page. Let me see what they can do about that.
 Meanwhile, no one is stopping the thots. Talking about promoting "idealized physical appearances". If I lost 100 pounds, I would pay for this picture to be put on the moon. That is a big deal and I do not see why she cannot celebrate the way she wants.
What do you think? 


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